Vegan Spinach  Quiche

Vegan  Spinach Quiche


8 Servings


1 hr


Gluten-Free Pie Crust Just Egg Cashew Yogurt Soy Milk Baking Powder Salt & Pepper Garlic Powder Spinach Asparagus Vegan Mozzarella

Step 1

Prepare the pie crust according to recipe directions, or use a pre-made vegan pie crust. Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Step 2

 Roughly chop the leaf spinach, and then cut the tops of the asparagus spears about 2 inches long. Roughly chop the dill and chives.

Step 3

Whisk the Just Egg , cashew yogurt, soy milk, baking powder, salt, and pepper together until combined. 

Step 4

Add the chopped spinach, asparagus spears, dill, and chives. Fold together until evenly distributed.

Step 5

Sprinkle the bottom of the prepared pie crust with vegan mozzarella. Pour the egg mixture over top.

Step 6

Bake for 35-40 minutes or until quiche is firm in the center.

Hi! I'm Alison!

I'm a plant-based vegan married to a meat eater with two picky kids. I use whole food plant-based ingredients to create a delicious compromise in the kitchen.