Vegan Jackfruit Burgers

Vegan Jackfruit Burgers

These vegan jackfruit burgers are tender and flavorful, complemented by black beans and BBQ sauce to create a satisfying bite!

Its meaty texture makes it a great stand-in for food like pulled pork or chicken, as it shreds easily.


Easily prepared in a skillet over the stove, you can bake these in the oven or cook them on the barbecue.

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Vegan Jackfruit Burgers


8 servings




46 minutes


Main Course

green jackfruit vegan BBQ sauce soy sauce smoked paprika garlic powder


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Step 1

Drain and rinse the canned jackfruit. Place it on a cheesecloth.

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Step 2

Combine the barbecue sauce, soy sauce, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper.

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Step 3

Add the shredded jackfruit to the bowl and toss to coat it with the marinade.

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