Vegan Corn Casserole 

This easy vegan corn casserole requires only a few simple ingredients.

Vegan Corn Casserole

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Stir everything together in a bowl, pop it in the oven, and you have a crowd pleasing side dish for potlucks, holiday gatherings, and more!

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Vegan Corn Casserole Recipe


5 Servings




1 hr. 5 Min.


Side Dish

Jiffy corn muffin mix Can of creamed corn Can of whole corndrained Onions finely chopped  dairy-free plain yogurt Vegan butter


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Step 1

In a large mixing bowl, combine corn muffin mix, creamed corn, whole corn, chopped onion, vegan butter, and plain dairy free yogurt. Stir until combined.

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Step 2

Transfer to a 2 ½ qt baking dish greased with coconut oil. Using your spatula, evenly spread across the top.

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