Peanut Butter Yogurt with Chocolate

Peanut Butter Yogurt with Chocolate

This 3 main ingredient peanut butter yogurt with chocolate is thick, creamy, and nutty, with hints of deep dark chocolate that make this a simple dessert.

This simple yogurt bowl will quench your craving for something sweet, while fueling your body with protein!


Topped with a drizzle of creamy peanut butter, and some chocolate quinoa for added texture.

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Peanut Butter Yogurt with Chocolate


4 servings




5 min


Dessert, Snack

Coconut milk yogurt Peanut butter powder Cacao powder Natural peanut butter Chocolate covered quinoa


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Step 1

Add coconut milk yogurt to a large bowl. Add the peanut butter powder, and cacao powder.

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Step 2

Transfer the yogurt mixture to small serving jars.

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Step 3

Drizzle peanut butter, and top with a chocolate-covered quinoa.

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