Matcha Lemonade: Starbucks Copycat

Matcha Lemonade: Starbucks Copycat

A deliciously sweet, tart, and earthy matcha lemonade recipe just like the one you get at Starbucks only with fewer calories, and WAY less sugar!

It’s a refreshing lemonade green tea you can enjoy all summer long!


This matcha lemonade recipe is the perfect drink to enjoy poolside, or wherever you plan to spend your summer days.

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Matcha Lemonade


2 servings


American, Japanese


5 min



Cold water Lemon Maple syrup Matcha powder Warm water


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Step 1

Using a citrus juicer squeeze the juice from one lemon.

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Step 2

Pour the lemon juice into a cocktail shaker.

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Step 3

Combine the matcha powder and warm water in a small bowl.

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