8 Easy Healthy Snacks on the Go for Active Kids and Busy Moms

8 Easy Healthy Snacks on the Go for Active Kids and Busy Moms

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Convenience of a Packaged Snack Without the Mom Guilt

I hate processed food, but I love convenience. I need easy healthy snacks for on the go that are packaged and ready to throw in my bag.  However, those easy to go snacks are usually filled with preservatives, dyes, and other ingredients I can’t pronounce. I don’t want my kids to eat that! I follow a plant-based diet, and when it comes to snacks I look for all natural ingredients.

When I search for healthy snack ideas online, I’m bombarded by recipes for complicated energy bites, homemade whole-wheat muffins, made from scratch fruit leather, and the likes. Although all of those recipes are probably both healthy and delicious snacks, I know realistically, I don’t have the time or the energy to make them.

This summer my kids and I go to the pool four days a week smack dab in the middle of lunch time. My son has swim lessons followed by tennis lessons with a short break in between. After 30 minutes of splashing in the pool my son is hungry. He can’t get through tennis without refueling. My toddler is an enthusiastic cheerleader for his older brother, and needs something to keep him happy. I must be loaded with snacks or I’m going to have two very unhappy, whinny kids at the pool. Pool time is hard enough without hangry children.

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My Healthy Kid Friendly Snack Requirements

It must have all natural ingredients, 5 ingredients or less, and it must be individually packed. This post contains affiliate links. 

  1. Apples, I like to have apples in my fruit bowl because they are delicious, full of vitamins, filling, and they travel well.
  2. Larabarsmost flavors contain only five all natural ingredients.  They are sweetened with dates, and contain fruit and nuts. They are my oldest son’s favorite.
  3. Skinny Pop Original, come in individual bags for an on the go snack. It contains only popcorn, oil and salt.
  4. Planters Salted Peanuts, are also available in individual baggies, they contain only peanuts, peanut oil, and salt. I’m always trying to get calories into my kids, so nuts are a great option for us.
  5. GoGo Squeeze Apple Apple, are popular with both my toddler and five year old. They are all natural, and the apple flavor has only three ingredients.
  6. Stretch Island Fruit Strips, are a great alternative to fruit snacks. These fruit strips have 0g of added sugar and 100% fruit ingredients.
  7. SunMaid Raisonsare so much easier than grapes, and come in a convenient individual box.
  8. Carrots and Hummus Ready Snacks, remind me of the cheese and cracker sticks that came in individual packs when I was a kid. This alternative is not processed and is full of nutrients. The hummus does contain more ingredients than my standard 5.

What are your favorite go-to healthy snacks for your kids? 

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